Book launch day by Bharat Rao

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An endorsement from a Decapitator Extraordinaire. by Bharat Rao

From magic in social media to changes in the culture of magic, and revealing more than secrets, Magical is a deep dive into the business of magic old and new.
Rich Ferguson, Award Winning Entertainer, YouTube Sensation, Motivational Speaker

Thank you Rich Ferguson for your kind endorsement. Rich is featured in the book for his insights into how the new breed of magicians and entertainers are breaking all the old rules when it comes to generating buzz, momentum, and fans on social media, and using it to monetize creative content. With over 2.6 million fans, Rich is a master of prankster magic, both of the impromptu as well as the carefully planned varieties. He is an ingenious creator of new effects, very often using common household tools and objects, and a relentless teacher and promoter. His YouTube videos are legend, and some of them have individually generated more commentary volume than some people’s entire traffic. Two classic examples: The Earth is Flat! - 100% Proof video has over 7.5 million views, while my favorite, the Head Drops Off Magic Prank has garnered over 13.2 million views.

Impossible to unsee (Source: CNN)

Impossible to unsee (Source: CNN)