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The Battle for Talent (continues..) by Bharat Rao

Another year, another show for entertainment talent. The appetite for TV shows that showcase entertainment talent of all stripes continues unabated. In a strategic move, CBS is about to create a splash by launching their new reality series, The World's Best, to premiere right after Super Bowl LIII. For avid viewers and marketing aficionados, you will recall that Super Bowl XLIX was the most watched U.S. television broadcast with 114.4 million viewers, and a talent show is bound to keep a good portion of these viewers tuned in after the spectacle. The show will be hosted by James Corden, and will include judges like RuPaul Charles, Drew Barrymore and Faith Hill. Of special interest to me is all the magicians who are slated to appear on the show. Another platform for a new star to emerge in the world of magic! As a backup plan, the show has around 50 judges on call in case special expertise is needed.