A tricky escape - Houdini style / by Bharat Rao


Buried under six feet of earth and having to claw your way out - unless, of course, you can punch your way out like Uma Thurman. That is the predicament Houdini created for himself and nearly didn’t make it out alive. Steve Wolf, who stars in the new Science Channel show Houdini’s Last Secrets, has explored how Houdini pulled off this trick. Hint: It may have something to do with Houdini’s expertise with compressed air. The episode premieres on Jan 27th. You can read a more detailed description of the effect here.

In the article, Wolf points out how many of the effects he created are still very mysterious. "I believe that most of Houdini's illusions are still a mystery…there are probably only a handful of ways most of them could be done, and through simple diagnostics and experimenting, you could figure out which were safest and most repeatable ways to do each of them. But we don't really know for sure how he did them."